Discovering Your Dataset In R

Before you begin to play around with a dataset, you must first understand what data types it has.

Earlier in this series, I reviewed two main types of data:

  • Continuous data.
  • Categorical data.

Today, you’ll see how to quickly inspect a dataset in R, and how these two types of data become relevant during that process.

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C#: string or String?


What’s the deal with the string and other types in C#? I see both string and String all over the place. Same goes with int and Int32 and other types.

For example, I see both:

string text = "Some Text Here";

String text = "Some More Text Here";

What is the difference between them?

Short Answer

None. There is no difference between them. Use the one you like best.

Really? No difference whatsoever?
Why have both forms then? What’s the point?


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